DIY no. 9 making kit (limited stock)

DIY no. 9 making kit (limited stock)

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Make your own no. 9 dime. 
This kit comes with;

  • 500g soy wax
  • Needle to thread the wick 
  • String to make your own wick 
  • Detailed instructions to make the candles, heating temperature, how to make wicks, how to thread the wick, where to source wax, how to colour the candles, how to add gold flake and much more information! 

This industry is fairly new and this mould is not an original hand sculpted one. Making these in a plain white colour is simple with detailed instructions. I am available for questions via email. 
Soy wax is also (in my own opinion the most suitable wax) there are alternatives which I will explain the pros and cons in the instruction booklet. 
This mould can be used for 6 months +

Finished body size is 109*62*54mm

I wanted to make this kit as I am getting so many wholesale enquiries that I cannot fulfill nor want to. There are plenty of people who love this candle and you can definitely sell them or they make them to sell. 

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