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9 roses

Mindfulness Painting box

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$165.00 AUD

In lockdown I found solitude in painting and being being fully aware of the task ahead of me. Here I urge you to tune out and do the same in a world where we are so connected. If you are able to plant a succulent inside of the planter and nurture it that is a great idea.

This box includes the following;

Your choice out of a;

  • Jordan 1, Dunk and a TN
  • Three paint colours
  • Two paintbrushes

Please allow 2 working days for shipping. 

Sizes: Jordan 1 (US6), Dunk (US7), TN (US8)

You are able to mix colours to make your colours lighter or darker yourselves. Any colours are available. You can pick up to four. Email will be made after purchase to confirm colours. 

Afterpay and international shipping available. If you have a larger group to cater to please message before placing order.